A winter round in spring

A few days ago and with fuller plans evaporated elsewhere, I pulled a project out from under the ratty cornered pile marked 'missed for this season' and headed back to Glen Etive, late in the day. Storm Katie provided just enough fresh snow to make the 5 Munros of Ben Starav a winter round, which is what I wanted for these hills. 3 nights and 2 days of erratic strewn monuments to solitude and the elements, places we are lucky still to have and I am blessed to know a little better now. I've just been quoted in a magazine as saying that solo travel allows movement inside the landscape and not just through it (as an adventure writer and photographer, no less - good g*d who'll empty the bins now?), and this was one of those immersive times and a timely reminder of that state of enhanced awareness, made more intense by a return to nigh on full winter conditions. I don't really hope for more than one of those 'deep' winter experiences a year, and I didn't expect to do this one until next: Even at the time, it felt like a key had turned in a lock, and I stepped gently into the (big white) room once more with a full heart.

No more words about this for now, just a few pictures.