Winter Photo Workshops 2017

This season's winter photo workshops kicked off in fine style a few weeks ago with a 3 day trip for Pete, Mark and Steve - 3 friends who came buzzing with ideas straight from the On Landscape conference in the Lakes. We had an adventurous night's wildcamp in Glen Etive, when earlier winds than forecast brought down 2 of 4 tents, but otherwise the weather was still cold, calm and mostly clear. I'm hopeful that winter will return soon.

Mark suggested I ran a few photos and some feedback about the trip... if what follows looks and sounds interesting (for yourself or as a gift for someone else), please get in touch.

Mark Sage

An incredible 3 days of photography tuition in and around Glencoe. In stunning surroundings and perfect conditions for shooting landscapes, we learnt a variety of technical and compositional techniques (and plenty of other handy tips) under David’s expert tuition. I came away delighted and feeling that my photography skills had gone up a few much so that I now have the first photo of my own that I’d consider hanging on my wall. If it’s outdoor adventure and top notch tuition you’re after, delivered in a very friendly manner, David’s definitely yer man!

Peter Atkinson

We had a great experience with David over 3 days, taking in locations that are off the beaten track as well as places that are more popular and accessible. David was great fun and a good teacher, much of my learning came from unusual perspectives - not necessarily technique, but more approach. My favourite, the one of the Five Sisters which I took the week after our workshop (last of the 3), came as a direct result of slowing down and paying more attention to light. I also really enjoyed the evening and sense of adventure that the wild camp brought, and I learnt a chunk about Lightroom and how powerful it is.

Steve Ellis

I liked your easy going nature and your willingness and ability to adapt/respond - i.e., have a plan b, c and d. Good evidence of this was the very first morning we met and you sensed the difference in appetite/ability for the trek/camping. I think your style works very well in small groups, like ours was. You can also read the mood of the groups - which is of course important in trying to get the best for everyone.

I think you gave the right level of attention to us when we were taking photographs - giving advice and helping when required, but then leaving us to get on with things if we were fine doing that. This was helped by you getting an understanding of our technical abilities and interests early on. A good example was helping me get the image of the lone tree, which involved getting all of the camera kit across the stream and lighting the tree for extra effect.

Overall a great trip, the dawn photo shoot was a real treat and the walk into the hidden valley a nice way to finish the trip. I’ll also always be grateful to you for rescuing me from my collapsed tent and helping move my stuff in a howling gale.

I tend not to take many photos when I'm teaching, but here's my personal favourites from the 3 days. Many thanks to Mark, Steve and Pete for being great fun, working hard and entering into the spirit of the place. A really enjoyable few days.