Mountain Pro Magazine - Autumn 2016

This time, reader's stories from British Antarctic Survey, Bolivia and Greenland, plus the role of women's only climbing events, an interview with the first British person to walk the Yukon Quest trail (in fairly gripped conditions), a profile of Guide Richard Hartley from Spanish Highs with whom I spent a few days with back in February, the John Muir Trust Ranger's Diary, some nice books in review and the backstory on British ascents of Changabang. The gear covered by our ML's Dan and Lucy? Boots and a roundup of the latest outdoor nick-naks (does anyone still use that word? Just me then). There's even a pinup of James Thacker near the back.

Both pleased and relieved to get this one out there. It was an interesting one to put together for all sorts of reasons.

Click on the image below, to be whisked off to a land of icy stoicism and rocky roads to humble pie...