East of the Himalaya, Mountain Peak Maps: Alps of Tibet and Beyond

The first of 2 parish notices today.

I have left my copy of the Japanese Alpine Club publication by Tom Nakamura with the Scottish Mountaineering Trust archive based in Strathclyde University Library in Glasgow, with the hope that it will help those with the requisite skills and ambitions unlock some FA's in Chinese held Tibet in the future. It's a fairly rare volume and as lovely as it is, I didn't want it to fester on my bookshelf. Those who know what it is will know... and now you know where to find a copy too... but for everyone else, here's what I wrote about it in Mountain Pro mag.

Robin of the SMT was kind enough to swap it for their Scottish Winter Climbs - more my level of aspiration.

Anyone with a serious interest in mountaineering history can access the archive on a reference basis - you don't need to be a club member, or a student. I've used it for research and it's an incredible resource. Just make a formal request to visit.