Winter photo workshop

A few shots from the first winter photo workshop over the weekend.


Short winter days and a higher than desirable avalanche risk meant it was expedient to have a plan and several backups, but I think we found a nice balance of campcraft, basic winter skills and of course plenty of photographic opportunities. Tim was well in charge of the mechanics of his camera and wanted guidance on composition, so this was a chance to discuss some higher level stuff; distill some of the thinking behind scouting a subject and fine tune framing, encourage confidence in his photographic eye but then really work the location to get the best from it. There was a tonne of wading to do to get into position, but Tim was a great sport and keen to learn. Fair to say his learning curve was more pronounced as far as being safe and comfortable in a winter environment, and whilst I wouldn't consider myself an expert I was able to share experience and establish the need for a high degree of caution, especially given the current, unconsolidated conditions. For my part flexing the teaching muscles felt great, and hopefully I didn't scare him off too much with all the crazy photographic ideas! He certainly seemed to be buzzing in the car on the return journey... at least until the fatigue kicked in.

Still plenty of time to book this season...