Outdoor Enthusiast magazine Sept/Oct 2015

Editor's Welcome: A week or so ago I was snowed under. Not literally, more just everyday city life catching up with me – as it can with all of us occasionally. Over 80% of us in the UK live in the urban centres. What to do? I shut off the computer, packed a snack and a water bottle, and rode through the city to the bike trails on the braes above South Glasgow. Weaving in and out of the trees in the gloaming, it only took a couple of hours to find a sense of calm once again. The little escapes can be as rewarding and restorative as weeks or months spent in unknown territory.

 My accessible adventure chimes with advice from feature contributor and interview guest Al Humphreys, who has some great tips for those seeking a respite from the concrete and glass of the urban southeast. Further afield, we’re whisked away to climb the crumbling red rock of Morocco, discover the joys of warm water diving and cold-water surfing, and enjoy an extended bike ride along the river Dordogne – a beautifully paced account by Judy Armstrong. If touring on 2 wheels is your thing, check out Lucy’s cycle touring gear showcase, and for those everyday adventures, we’ve been out testing trail shoes and daypacks, as well as compact, waterproof cameras. 

Which brings me to our new photography column. Some of the finest landscape and outdoor sports shooters in the country have agreed to share a few hints, tips and tricks with us. I hope it’ll be useful to you in capturing a few more magic moments outdoors, be they micro, macro or panoramic.

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