Sour Grapes

I got an email today to say I hadn't made the shortlist for 'Take a view' aka the landscape photographer of the year' competition. That's big props to aspire too - too big, but it can be a career defining thing to get a commendation, let alone anything more. Please don't ask me what a 'career' is, because I've no idea.

I've only ever entered this comp twice, and haven't got past the first stage, but nobody likes rejection, even if you're not convinced about the courtship. In the past, they've awarded the hyper-real, but in the last couple of years the choices have been interesting, even brave (in the context of 'landscape photography', which is extremely conservative). I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring this year, after a break, not because I'm necessarily breaking ground, but because it felt like my picture work had moved on since 2012, and the editing process is an interesting piece of internal work.

I've been focused mainly on the words part of the equation this year, but that's no excuse in a photography competition! Still, I can't escape the feeling that if you write as well, then you're out of the picture. I got the same gut feeling when I was turned down for a tiny writing bursary recently. You need to have gone to the right school, know the right people, be doing only one thing. The UK is such a sad old maid, she still wants to put people in a box.

Anyway, I've had 2 glasses of wine, and this is almost certainly sour grapes. Here's the shots I put in for this year... roll on 2018!