Outdoor Enthusiast July/August

Editor's Welcome

Summer is finally upon us… allegedly! It’s been late in coming this year – there’s still snow on the high mountains - but here at OE towers we’re definitely looking forward to some warmer and drier weather. In recent months we’ve made sure to include something of interest for all the family, and now we’re into school holiday season, we’re continuing that focus for this issue. Richard Baldwin took his son on a first backpack to the Lake District, my daughter and I tested some child carriers (she did the sitting and sleeping - I did the reviewing), and Chantelle discovered an up and coming water sport suitable for all the family.

Given that many of us are holidaying in the UK these days, we’ve kept things a little more local this time around. Perhaps not surprising for a nation of islands, there’s also a watery theme. Ben has been on the lookout for wildlife spotting opportunities on our summer coastline, we take a multi-adventure break in Jersey, and two trips to Scotland, one by foot and another by boat. Talking of which, our interview is with Adventurer of the Year Will Copestake, who undertook the mother of all ‘foot and paddle’ expeditions last year but remains as down to earth as ever. Will reminds us that adventure is not just a place, but a state of mind.

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