Outdoor Enthusiast May/June

Editor’s Welcome

We’ve another wide range of stories in this issue covering hiking, biking, paddling, camping and camper vanning from the mountains of Norway and the Alps to the shores of Greece and the Western Isles, but rather than summarise the contents any further, today I’m going to come off the fence, and get on my soapbox. Don’t worry, it’s not a particularly large soapbox and I promise I won’t shout. On page 11 there’s a news item calling for politicians to make May 2015 an ‘outdoors election’. A part of it asks readers to support a petition to protect Scotland’s wild places from destruction. As a southerner relocated to Glasgow, I’m very aware that Scotland can seem a long, long way if you live south of the border. But I think that as outdoor enthusiasts, looking after some of the finest, most rugged and remote parts of our beautiful country is a genuine priority for all of us. These are the places we go to find peace, quiet, adventure and challenge - if we don’t care, who will? This isn’t just for ‘local people’ – the mountains and glens of the highlands are for us all to share and enjoy, whatever our chosen activity and wherever we live in the UK.

Have you ever walked up Ben Nevis? Over 100,000 a year do. To send a clear message to politicians that the great outdoors really matters, every one of them needs to sign. They won’t all do it… but you could. Please consider adding your signature: http://bit.ly/1aIBEVh

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