March/April OE

I've been pretty low key about these, but what the hell, they're getting good. Click the image to read for free online:

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As I write, there’s metres of snow in the highlands, whilst the first spring flowers are (apparently) popping up on the South Downs. If the weather is somewhere in the middle where you are, it’s a good time to firm up those outdoor ambitions, and OE is on hand to help out. Menna Pritchard has some excellent advice for all considering the challenges of climbing for the first time, and Lucy Wallace has her on belay with an excellent introduction to climbing gear. Mark Gilligan demonstrates a keen eye for the quiet side of the lakes in a beautiful photo essay, whilst Paddy Dillon whisks us away to the balmy shores of Menorca for a long walk. Tom Hutton, Lucy and I get ready to join in, with reviews of 2-3 season boots, expedition rucksacks and essential accessories. Last but not least, Kirsty Catherine recounts a wonderful tale of rediscovering the outdoors through her son’s eyes using the John Muir Award.

I’ve been so inspired by this Award, I’m doing a fundraising challenge in May for them – If you’d like to know more and pledge a few quid, go to But I’m not the only member of the OE gang that’s going the distance for a good cause – Lucy Wallace has her own challenge at And if you want to do your own charity challenge, as always we have a variety to pick from. Chantelle Kelly also has a fascinating interview with adventurer Tim Cope, the usual news and reviews – and this issue, we’ve even been to the movies. Meanwhile, our wildlife expert Ben focuses our attention on the season’s change just around the corner. I think that’s everything – I hope it puts a spring in your step. Have fun out there…