Mountain Pro - spring 2015 issue out now

Editor's Welcome:

This is my third Mountain Pro as editor, and it’s just beginning to feel like home. With the help of some really excellent contributions, I hope we’ve started to carve a bit of a niche for ourselves as a magazine focused on mountain heritage and hill culture, regardless of activity, qualifications, region or skill level.

In this issue, Di Gibert has our backs on the snow and rock, with a frank and hype free report from her autumn Himalayan summit bid. Alf Anderson summons the adrenalin with some breath-taking photos, in an incredibly thorough, global overview of heli-skiing – best start saving now. Rudolf Abrahams visits the Messner Mountain Museums in the Tyrol, housing a collection that the famous mountaineer sees as his lasting legacy. I’m very pleased to have not 1, but 2 new columnists join us: Dr Liz Auty from the John Muir Trust brings us a regular land management perspective from her patch in Highland Perthshire, and Claire Carter is out roaming the crags on the hunt for inspiration. Our (now) usual round up of books and films from Steep Edge, Vertebrate Publishing and others bring up the rear guard. Of special mention is Chantelle Kelly’s brief encounter with Gavin Francis – never has someone with such a way with words used them so sparingly in an interview. Gear wise, Steve McClure is in residence, Gear Editor Lucy Wallace got hands on with GPS units, and we both tried a scary amount of technical trainers.

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