C2C4K update #1

A few weeks ago I mentioned a coast to coast fundraiser I was doing with a friend. This was covered in a few places in the media and I thought I'd collect them briefly here. MCofS was first in, followed by Walkhighlands and then Grough (I recommend the comments here). Dan from UKHW did an interview, followed by Fiona from the Scottish Mail on Sunday.  Apparently there might be something in Trail, too, but I've not seen that yet. The main chunk of the Mail piece is in PDF format, below.

It's been interesting seeing which of the outdoor news feeds ran the story, which didn't (couldn't be arsed/clashed with something more 'epic'/clashed with something their mates were doing/it wasn't in England) and respect to Dan and Fiona for taking the time to follow up with not only interest, but actual  journalism! Hot damn, at least 2 people are properly caffeinated. It's also been interesting to see which of these leads generated the most donations (I'm considering a new job as an 'industry consultant'... or maybe a 'change maker').

So far, people like you have donated a whopping £956. One of them wasn't like you - they made a single donation of £500! There's still plenty of time to give. You don't have to give that much, but if you want to and if we go over our target, we won't buy beer with it - it all goes to the John Muir Award. All of it, every single penny. Dave and I will buy our own booze.

Cheers for the support everyone. The long suffering Mr. Hine and I are out soon testing shared kit, talking about food caches and nervously pulling route options apart.