Catch your breath shortlisted - please vote

My photo 'catch your breath' has been shortlisted for the Lowepro Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 'single shot' Award. Here it is:

I'd be very grateful if you could take a minute to vote for it:

The voting is tucked away at the foot of the page, and there are some other great shots here to enjoy too. It's a bit of an honour even to get this far, as the judges are two of Europe's most dedicated adventure sports photographers - Jon Griffith and Lukasz Warzecha.

The shot is called 'catch your breath' simply because that's what Stob Coire nan Lochan made me do when I walked in that day... and that's what one of the climbers is doing in the shot. It might be difficult to see on the web, but the figure on the right is crouched over, exhausted from the approach to one of the gully climbs. The coire is a truly awesome place under snow, or at any time of year - in the original sense of the word. The photo is a favourite of mine because I think it shows something about our relationship with these places - something about struggle, scale, our understanding and standing under. The very ordinary story of our day on the hill is here.

If you'd like a print, I'm flash selling 5 of these at 30cm2 for £50 each, UK postage paid. (That will allow inexpensive mounting in a standard 50cm frame from Ikea or similar.) They'll be printed on glicee Hahnemühle which renders texture nicely on monochromes. Once they're gone, they're gone. Email me here.

Thanks, and don't forget to vote!