Riders on the Storm

This is the last post of the year for me, and a few photos from a recent attempt to circumnavigate the Cairngorm mountains by pedalpower in winter conditions with David Hine.

There hasn't been a great deal of 2 wheeled transport discussed here before, although there has been a good deal more bike in my life in the last year or so. As per usual for this blog, the final trip of the year was of mixed fortune. You'll have to wait for the full story which is destined for OE magazine at some point in the future.

Until next time, many thanks for your continued attention and support, it is much appreciated. That sounds flippant but is genuinely meant. Enjoy your family and friends responsibly over the next week or so and have a great midwinter's break.

Hunting for Utsi's hut... again.

Easy street in Abernethy. I'd forgotten how much I love these woods.

The first of many chilly water crossings. We've yet to find a solution to the foot issue for winter bikepacking in Scotland - if you have, let us know in the comments!

David emerges from a bumpy, shadowy descent into the light before the first serious section of hike-a-bike.

These very sweet and slightly frisky ponies were mostly interested in eating our bike luggage. Sadly we had no apples on board.

Day 2, on the way to the Linn of Avon, just after the first brake failure.

Looking towards Loch Builg, David adopting the classic Caspar David Friedrich stance before the type 3 fun kicked in.

'The Push' over Bealach Dearg. This was the easy bit. After a brief break for lunch the drifts got alot deeper.

On our way to shelter at the Linn of Dee, and an overnight of -8c.

Dave readies gear for a frosty steed, whilst I take photos of kit rime.

Day 3, and David wrestles his metal horse toward the River Geldie on a single gear and no brakes. All downhill from here.

The River Dee, from the bridge at Linn of Dee.