Outdoor Enthusiast Nov/Dec 2015

Editor's Welcome

If you’re outdoors regularly, one of the joys is seeing and feeling the seasons change. I’m just back from a weekend scrambling, and whilst we mostly basked in unfathomably warm weather, there were a few moments – at dawn when the mist hugged the ground, high on a ridge with colour drained from the hills, that did feel genuinely autumnal. Slowly but surely, our year is arcing towards its end… and with it, OE casts an eye towards cold weather activities. Rudolf Abraham is left in the powder whilst his daughter learns to ski in Austria, Kirsty Catherine avoids the kids in Lapland to discover her own inner child, and Ben Dolphin puts the skis aside in favour of snowshoeing in Scotland and Switzerland.

Our lead feature, though, is from a newcomer to the magazine, and one I hope we’ll be seeing again – Willem Vandoorne. I’ve been following his adventures for years, and chased his New Zealand epic down for the magazine. One of the things I love about OE is that we welcome stories from first timers as well as experienced travel writers - and in a world of good things, this is one of the best pieces we’ve had the good fortune to publish. Chantelle also managed to catch up with ‘the Cycling Scouser’ part way through his 10,000-mile bike journey. These regular guys are not adventure celebrities or professional journalists, but their stories are anything but ordinary – they and their journeys are audacious, inspiring and set the bar high.

Elsewhere, our cover photo star from last issue, Jon Sparks, makes a return to guide us through the jungle of camera choice, Ben pops up again with the science of snow, and the gear pages are stuffed with warm hats, mid layers and waterproofs to help keep you comfy into the chillier months.

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