Water & wood

At the beginning of the year we went to stay near New Galloway for a couple of days. I suspended my judgement about all things glamping and we stayed in an 'eco bothy'. It was a little overpriced, but we spent our evenings quietly reading or stargazing, and the woodburner and hot tub were real treats, especially when the temperature dropped below zero. I spent a bit more time than is healthy at the lochside in the small hours counting to myself whilst the camera did it's thing, too.

This wasn't a hill walking trip, but we managed a couple of afternoon outings with the little one - the best was to Loch Trool and part of the Southern Upland way in beautiful winter sunshine, an area I've long wanted to visit. I had the impression that Dumfries and Galloway was all hydro and sitka, but I was pleased to discover I was at least partly wrong - there is a good deal of this, but also alot of mixed woodland and plenty of historical interest. There's loads of potential for long bike and packraft trips here, too. Here's a few photos of our little trip.