Give 'em enough rope

and they'll traverse Liathach. And so we did.

I met Sam on that scrambling course I mentioned.  He's just passed his MIA (congratulations Sam!), but at the time he was assisting on the course to gain experience. He suggested we meet up between then and now, an arrangement which was mutually beneficial - he got more client days under his belt, and I got to practice some ropework. It was a good excuse to meet up with the very excellent Ben Dolphin for the first time, as these things are better in threes. After stopping off at the Fiaciall ridge in the Cairngorms, we chased better weather to Torridon. We spent a day at the seaside on a three star classic in beautiful weather, and then onto Liathach for the full traverse, pinnacles n all. It ended up being a more guided experience than the course, but it was still invaluable. I finally have my Italian hitch sorted - hey, I'm left-handed, my brain ain't wired right.

I 'll spare you the word count for now, there's still too many boxes to unpack in the new flat. More to come in the May issue of The Great Outdoors Magazine. In the meantime, Ben can tell you all about it over at his place. And here's a few more shots from the trip, below.

Mountain training instructor Sam Owens can be contacted here