pausing for breath

About a week ago, the Scottish Government announced a new, more proactive stance on 'wild land'. About 1/5 of Scotland has been granted enhanced protection from industrial development. It was well reported so I won't repeat the detail here, instead I'll recommend 2 links for those wanting to catch up. First, the Walk Highlands news piece  - an overview of announcement and responses, and Chris Townsend's reasoned analysis on what next.

It was great that so many responded in favour of wild land in the last consultation, I think it really helped make the case. Well played.

Update: 22.7.14

As a relative newcomer to Scotland I sometimes struggle to keep abreast of current planning proposals and where they are. However, a friend has passed on a resume of what is in planning at the moment. It's not everything, but it covers a fair few of the major applications and therefore may be useful to those who wish to continue to actively campaign for wild land in the next year or two. I've linked to it here