read it and weep

'Mountain Pro' is the second in the quiver of arrows I'm now in charge of, gawd help us all. The first issue under my steely omnipotent glare is now available to enliven your own outdoors eyeballs for free, which you can do just by clicking the image below.

Mountain Pro has been an interesting, challenging thing to put together because there are a fair few needs and wants to be considered, but 'interesting' isn't a euphemism for awkward in this case - the digital format means a freedom to explore subjects in greater depth, and that's been really enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it can develop over time. Read on for a great piece about Ski Mountaineering in Scotland, ecological news from the north face of Ben Nevis, the in's and out's of wildlife crime and a great interview with an arctic guide. There's also literary bits and bobs from 'The Atholl Expedition', 'Great Mountain Crags of Scotland' and a whole host of winter kit stuph. Oh, and there's filims too. Ta Da!