This is a post for everyone who shares or has shared their journeys online. 
We talk about 'communities of interest' alot at work and that's definitely what the outdoors scene is - an affinity group.  The internet can be a vicious dead end alleyway full of ill considered rants and narcissistic wish fulfillment, as well as an incredible forum for sharing - brilliant insights, inspiration and information.  It's as broad as it's long, and reflects a huge variety of skills, experience and opinion.  I for one enjoy other peoples journeys and gain alot from their experiences, even if I don't always agree with everything I see and read.

It's more than just a random collection of individuals shouting over each others egos (though sometimes it's hard to remember over all the racket).  Meeting quite a few folk this weekend, and in the last month or so that I'd only previously 'met' online, I've been struck by how communication has enabled us to find common threads and make new friends across big distances.  That is really, really amazing.  It's also strange to meet people you feel you might know a little, but have never met before in the flesh - quite a modern phenomenon?

But to put it in context, all these people were and are far more interesting and engaging in real life, of course.  There's always a flesh and blood human being at the end of the Ethernet connection, and our online presence is not the sum total of who we are, though we have alot in common.

I'm also really grateful for the welcome we've had to a new city after a daunting relocation.  People we've met through the online community have been part of that.  So - thanks very much for the company, online or otherwise.  

Long exposures taken near Glen Canisp last week - no versions of photoshop were harmed in the making of these photos!