The big three for two.

No, not that 'big three', decisions about shelters to be made.  Criteria are must be stormproof, pitch fly first, comfy for the lady (this means a ground sheet, and 2 skins, even though I keep saying ALL fabric habitations get condensation!), lightweight and spacious.  My feeling is we need a stopping off place before we grasp the tarp/bivvi nettle together, though I am well up for it now and have my eye on an MLD trailstar and a soul bivvi for solo stuff in the future, since the build quality seems beyond excellent.  This is however quite possibly wishful thinking, as its rare to get holiday, and when we do we like to hang out together.

'Arthur' in the Pyrenees, one more trip before RiP.
Our previous tent was 2kgs all in.  Other contenders in this list were Terra Nova Super Solar 2.2 and Superlite Voyager, Big Agnes Fly Creek and Copper Sur, and the Go Lite Shangri La 3, mostly dispensed with on the basis of size and weight, as otherwise they are excellent performers by all accounts.  I am left with these 3, which are all American and therefore we need to factor import duty to the overall price. 

Any one of these will be miles better than than our previous effort….but which one?

1. Henry Shires Tarp Tent - Scarp 2
total weight - 4 season 2kgs, 3 season 1.5kg
floorspace - 31sq ft
height - 114cm
price - $325, £205
2 skin - nylon or mesh inner, can pitch separately, fly first.

+ most storm proof, stable of the 3.
+ adaptable to 3 season.
+ hi sided bathtub floor great for UK.
+ solid inner choice is most 'tent- like' for the lady.

- heaviest.
- overkill for some trips? 

2. Six Moon designs - Lunar Duo
total weight - 1.2kg
floorspace - 34sq ft
height  - 114cm
price - $310, £195
1 skin - integral, 1 piece

+ good shape for wind repulsion.
+ light.
+ spacious.

- mesh inner cold for the UK.
- low sided bathtub floor.

3. MLD - supermid
total weight - 680(fly/tarp)+397(duo inner) - 1.1kg
floorspace - 79sq ft!
height  - 1.7m
price - $490, £309
2 skin - mesh, can pitch separately, fly first.

+ massive.
+ lightweight.
+ very adaptable to convert to tarp use later/summer.

- most expensive.
- large footprint and high sides are luxurious for valleys, not so great for high mountains. 
- low sided bathtub floor.
- mesh inner cold for UK.

All weights exclude pegs.  Thanks especially to Robin and Martin for their input on the 1 person versions of these, as well as many others out there in blogland.  All of these 2 person shelters are yet to be tested in the UK, as far as I know - if you know different, let us know ;p