The Big Rounds


My first book was published in August 2019 by Cicerone.

The Big Rounds is part guide book, part social history. I’m the journalist, not the talent - I have not run the rounds, but I know the ground. The book features lots of very talented runners, the story behind the rounds, photography and a comprehensive guide to each of the three mainland routes, either in a single push or in sections.

Signed copies are available by request for £20 inc. postage to anywhere in the British Isles, and internationally, £27.

You can find it for the normal retail price, here or in bookshops.

Here’s a few things I’ve written to support the book:

An introduction to the Big Rounds

The Bridge to Enchantment - the story behind the story

A day of Synchronicity

Charlie’s Round

You can also search this website under ‘fellrounds’